5 Best AdSpy Alternatives to Spy Most Profitable Ads 2022

Best AdSpy Alternatives

Are you looking for an AdSpy alternative? Well, there are a lot of ads spy tools available in the market that offer somewhat similar features as compared to AdSpy, but what are these tools? And do they offer any advantages if opted for them?

Well, in this article, we’ll be finding out what these tools are, meanwhile getting along with some of the features that make them an excellent AdSpy alternative.

So let’s get started with them.

But before starting that, let’s take a look at how adspy tools can make you deliver better value to you and your business; in recent times, it is pretty obvious how social media has now become an important part of everyone’s life, but many dropshippers and business owner have hooked up on how to leverage social networks in order to increase their overall sales and business operations, similar to other platforms like Google Ads, Instagram & Facebook Ads have taken things to another extent but how?

These ads spy tools help in keeping an overview of how your competitors are doing through their ads, and this, as a result, can help you in making better marketing and advertising strategies.

Why use an AdSpy Alternative?

The answer to the question is simple and complex at the same time, but one of the main reasons people opt for an AdSpy alternative is due to its price point or the number of platforms it offers. If, to be honest, there are better options available in the market as per the feature and tool that they offer, well, not as per the overall features, but maybe in one feature or the another. Where AdSpy offers a single plan of $149/month, other alternatives are available with a cheaper plan to get along with.

So let’s dive into these spying tools and take a look at how they can help you outrun your competitors.

Best AdSpy Alternatives & Competitors

Starting with Dropispy as the first adspy alternative, overall, I personally like Dropispy if talking about the features and the plans offered so far, Dropispy has been a great tool in delivering great value to its users in terms of dropshipping businesses and at the same time working for better advertising analysis and advertising campaigns. So let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.



The social network Adspy tool.
AdSpy Alternative Dropispy

From my experience in these Adspying tools, Dropispy has made quite a name in the market in terms of Ad spying and competitive analysis. It is worth mentioning that Dropispy has one of the largest classified databases of ads in social media; not only this, Dropispy delivers some great value in delivering inspiration and ideas from different dropshipping shops and winning products.

Dropispy offers some great features and tools like searching for hot products, getting an overview of specific ads and understanding different parameters such as content, reactions, countries, sex and even the links, including landing URLs, domains and ecom platforms. If trying to be specific, you can take advantage of Dropispy like:

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  • Dropispy offers some excellent advanced filters which let you explore different sections like text search, media format, page name, first seen date, last seen date under creative sections and other sections like countries, languages, sex and country under the target audience section.
  • You can save products for future reference in my folder section; as a result, it helps analyze your competitors on how they are performing under some of the parameters that I have mentioned above.
  • You can explore around the shop tab that lets you explore different dropshipping shops while analyzing different aspects like domain, Alexa Global rank, Alexa US rank, Alexa rank history, and platform.
  • Support and Tutorials offered, one of the main reasons that have made Dropispy a famous tool among dropshippers is its support and tutorials; it can be a tremendous and positive aspect of how beginner-level dropshippers can get along with Dropispy.
Dropispy offers 3 different plans (including a free plan with limited features); the premium plan, which is one among the famous and most used plans by Dropispy, costs around $34/month, whereas the business plan costs around $285/month, just a point to be noted that premium plan offers 180,000 credits whereas business plan offers a whopping number of 1.8 million credits, well, these credits are used for performing different operations around the platform.



#1 Free Adspy Tool.
AdSpy Alternative BigSpy

The second AdSpy alternative in our list is BigSpy; it has been a fantastic tool so far for analyzing how your competitors are working under multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.

If talking about the features and tools and services on how big their advertisement base is, BigSpy is available on more than 6 major social media networks with one of the largest databases of over 1 billion ads, which looks pretty massive to me. Here are some of the key features offered by BigSpy:

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  • A huge database of Ads on more than 7 major social media platforms.
  • Featured Ads, you can explore different parameters of how certain featured ads are performing; as a result, featured ads let you explore around daily trending ads with needed data and proper analysis.
  • Powerful tools and filters for the audience in targeting, well, similar to most of the ad spying tools available in the market, BigSpy lets you apply some powerful filters and search along with parameters such as ad types, countries, industry type, etc.
Another point worth mentioning is its pricing plan, where most of the ad spy tools offer limited pricing plans, Bigspy offers 4 different monthly plans (including the free plan), and these plans are Basic ($9/month), Pro ($99/month) and VIP enterprises ($300+/month).



Uncover your competitor’s hidden strategies & enhance your ROI.
AdSpy Alternative Anstrex

Another alternative in our AdSpy alternatives list; well, Anstrex, is a pretty decent ad spying tool compared to most of the other ad spying tools in the market. One of the main reasons why Anstrex has emerged as a great tool in the past couple of years is its global coverage; Dropispy offers great coverage of around 64 countries with more than 10 million ads in its database.

In addition to the points mentioned above, you can also track more than 25 ad networks like Adblade, Gravity, Newsmax and many more. Well, here are some of the key features offered by Anstrex:

  • It can be an excellent tool for performance marketers and affiliates, brand marketers, content creators, and direct sales marketers.
  • Offers multiple integrations around different platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, AliExpress, AWS, and Digital ocean; this can be considered a standalone feature, as not many ad spying tools offer integration with giants like AWS, AliExpress, etc.
Anstrex offers 3 different plans (including the free plan), two of these plans are named Anstrex Native (helps in making ad campaigns by spying on how your competitors are performing) and Anstrex Push (Can be helpful in push notification and understanding how your competitors are outgrowing you under these circumstances). The Anstrex Native costs around $70/month, and Anstrex Push costs somewhere around $90/month, which seems like a pretty decent deal to me.



Spy on your competitor’s ad strategies.
AdSpy Alternative Adbeat

Adbeat has made quite a name among ad spying tools, and one of the main reasons that Adbeat has gained this much popularity is its easy-to-use interface. Its interactive interface can help you explore different sections for ad spying like Top Ads, Top Categories, Top publishers, etc. In addition to all this, Adbeat can be an excellent choice for advertisers, agencies and publishers. Now talking about the key features offered by Adbeat:

  • Adbeat lets you explore different parameters such as data, insights, reporting, and some advanced features as well.
  • Offers a high-quality ad network of around 120+ ad networks around the globe.
  • Access to media strategies, landing pages, estimate ad spends and much more.
  • You can export and share reports in the form of CSV PDF.
Adbeat offers 3 different plans, the standard, advanced and the enterprise plan; well, the plans are pretty expensive as compared to other ad spying tools available in the market. Still, the features and tools offered are pretty impressive in terms of advertising, sharing, promotion management, etc.

The standard plan costs around $249/month, the advanced plan costs around $399/month, and you need to contact Adbeat’s customer support if you are looking forward to the enterprise plan.



Discover the marketing secret formula of your competitors.
AdSpy Alternative Spyfu

Well, Spyfu is a bit different than most of the tools I have mentioned above, Spyfu is a bit different as it is not only an Ad spying tool but an SEO suite in itself; the main reason why I have mentioned Spyfu here is due to its pocket-friendly plans, it is worth mentioning that you can access most of the core features by choosing a plan that starts with $33/month, which is somewhere near to the BigSpy Basic plan, but the features and tools offered are more advanced and helps in better research along with different parameters such as SEO, PPC, Competitive Intels, Projects and reports.

You might have already noticed that the features and tools that I have mentioned above are not available in most of the Ad spying tools that I have mentioned above.

If talking about the features offered by Spyfu, it offers:

  • Search and keyword research to get better results for SEO and SEM campaigns which can be a great deal in various aspects of online advertising.
  • These SEO and SEM campaigns can better analyze how your competitors are outgrowing you and your business with their marketing strategies.
  • You can also get along with different aspects of digital advertising like:
  • Keyword and Backlink research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword tracking and SEO research
Spyfu offers some great pricing plans and is categorized into 3 different plans:

1. Basic Plan (Costs around $33/month)
2. Professional Plan (Costs around $58/month)
3. Team Plan ($199/month)

All the above-mentioned pricing plans are based on the annual subscription.

It is worth mentioning that Spyfu also lets you explore different report types like domain SEO reports (small, medium and large-sized domain with a certain number of reports depending upon the domain size and pricing plan you chose), Google Ads Advisor PPC reports, Custom branded reports, etc.

 🌟 Top FAQs on AdSpy

🙄What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is the most robust spying tool that gathers relevant information on your competitor’s winning strategies. It offers the biggest database of profitable ads running on Facebook & Instagram. AdSpy offers advanced search filters that allow users to find compelling ads and products easily.

❓Can I try the AdSpy tool for free?

Yes, if you are new to this ad spying tool, then you can use AdSpy for free but with limited features. One can easily go for AdSpy free trial that offers 2000 free ads views.

💲How much does AdSpy cost?

AdSpy is the only spying tool that offers more features and benefits as compared to the other spying tool available in the market at an affordable price. The user can get access to AdSpy for just $149/month. Click here to activate our special AdSpy coupon code that helps you get a $75 discount.

🔎How do I use AdSpy?

In order to use AdSpy, the user need to create an account. Visit the official site of Adspy.com and click on Subscribe button to register yourself. One can even go for AdSpy free trial to use this amazing ad spying tool.

📞Does AdSpy offer customer support?

Yes, If you have any questions related to this AdSpy, then you can contact their customer support team. The support team of AdSpy quickly replies to your query.

🔥Why AdSpy is a great tool for affiliates?

AdSpy is the industry’s most powerful ad spying tool that helps affiliates to see profitable ads in just 1 click. As we all know, affiliates always want to find ads that can be easily converted. AdSpy is the only tool that enables you to search Ads via Affiliate Networks. Whether you’re an affiliate or a marketer, you need to know what your competitors are doing. Use AdSpy to get a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the game with this spy tool.

🚀What are the best AdSpy competitors?

If you are looking for the other AdSpy alternatives for spying on your competitor’s strategies, then check the below list:
1. Dropispy
2. BigSpy
3. Anstrex
4. Spyfu

Conclusion: Best AdSpy Alternatives 2022

The answer to this totally depends upon the plans and features that are useful for you and your business. Not all the tools mentioned above offer a great product research option but can be used for running competitive analysis on how your rivals are performing. Almost all of the Ad spying tools I have mentioned above have a huge database of millions of ads, even billions, if honest.

Overall, having a powerful tool for Ad spying can be a great thing for your business practices. From my personal experience around different ad spying tools, having a hand over social media platforms and advertising campaigns around that can be a significant upside in making better ROIs compared to most dropshippers and business owners.

In my opinion, who is looking for product research and ad getting along with other ad-related data, Dropispy can be a great tool to go with, whereas if you are most SEO and SEM oriented, Spyfu can be an excellent tool for you.

Just in case you are still confused on which AdSpy alternative to get with, you can categorize your search in different parts like Price plans, product research, data offered, and the searchable database. I guess these things will make this confusion pretty clear in your quest for that best AdSpy alternative. Also, if you want to save some bucks while going for any plan, choosing an annual plan is very much preferred.

Hopefully, this article might have cleared some of your questions regarding searching for an AdSpy alternative.🙂

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