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Are you looking to save money on ad spy tools? Well, you have come to the right place! Read this AdSpy Review to get your hands on exclusive AdSpy coupon codes. Get up to $100 off along with the amazing features this tool has to offer.

We all know that ads are vital to promoting and getting audiences to notice our products and services. Ad spy tools are here to make our lives easier as they provide an insight into top-performing ads in any niche. They give us a head start for making click-worthy ads that bring in clicks and in-turn sales!

An ad spy tool helps us find winning ads and lets us look into our competition’s ads, helping us find what works and what doesn’t. There are many ad spy tools in the market today, and one of the most effective tools out there is AdSpy.

In this AdSpy review, we are going to take an in-depth look into the features, benefits, and pricing of this Facebook and social media ad spy tool. We will also be looking at some exclusive AdSpy coupon codes that will help you save $$$

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into this Adspy tool review:

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

Verify your email, once done you will get redirected to AdSpy’s login page, you will need to add in your credential you had made from step one and sign in to continue.

Step 4:

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Detailed AdSpy Review

AdSpy Review

As its name suggests, AdSpy is an ads spy tool that helps you see social media ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It claims to encompass the biggest database. It currently has a massive database of over 74.2 million ads from more than 12.7 million advertisers from about 198 countries.

Whether you are an eCommerce business owner or are one of the many digital and affiliate marketers who is looking to enhance your social media advertising, AdSpy’s extensive ads database is perfect for you. With the help of AdSpy, you can not only spy and take inspiration from your competitors, but it also helps you find niches that make you money, track well-performing keywords, optimize your ad positioning on Facebook, other online campaigns as well as landing pages.

Also, with our promo code, you can save a lot of money and get access to all of AdSpy’s advanced features. Take advantage of the tool’s simple and intuitive interface, gain insight on winning Facebook and Instagram ads from all over the world and gain a competitive advantage over everyone else.

Gain competitive intelligence by discovering a plethora of aspects such as:

  • Uncover underrated new products available
  • Cut short the time and resources spent on testing ad campaigns
  • Cut short the time and resources spent on testing ad campaigns
  • Track the ads of your competition
  • Browse ads by metrics that are important to you
  • Find new ad campaigns that are making waves
  • Find profitable global markets

AdSpy Features at a Glance | AdSpy Review

Ad spy tools have been a boon for affiliate marketers and drop shippers. They help them to find out what their competitors are doing and how they can improve their own marketing strategies. The use of ad spy tools has also helped in the growth of the affiliate marketing industry. AdSpy tool offers convenient and fast ways to search ads while being efficient. It’s become a great tool for the dropshipping business and others.

Let’s take a more detailed look at all the comprehensive features and benefits this ad spy tool has to offer:


Extensive Data Coverage

AdSpy Review Data Coverage

As mentioned above, AdSpy has a huge database when it comes to ads and advertisers. Its database of ads includes more than 74.2 million ads from over 12.7 million advertisers spread across 198 countries. How exhaustive is that! It claims to be the largest database in the market. Its actionable intelligence helps you get on the top of your advertising game.


Keywords for Social Media

AdSpy Review Keywords for Social Media

It’s not always easy to find your ideal ad; that’s why AdSpy offers valuable social media keywords for inclusion in your search. The social media spy tool saves you time and effort by keeping track of the best marketing campaigns throughout your business. What’s more, you can enter a keyword and see all the inquiries that have been submitted through keywords related to your product or service.

You’re able to see which ads are going to be the most successful, giving you a great advantage. With the help of AdSpy, you can apply all the winning strategies you have gotten a hold of and use them to your advantage by creating click-worthy campaigns that entice your target audience to take action.


Detailed Filters

AdSpy Review Detailed Filters

AdSpy allows you to search for the ads that interest you more easily. These include filters such as the number of results, age range, geographical region, product category. Advanced filters such as Affiliate networks, Affiliate ID, Affiliate Offer, Country, Web Page Name, Vertical, URL, and Newest Ads will help you find your ad in just a few seconds.


Ad Reaction Search Metric

One very interesting feature AdSpy offers is that it lets you search for Facebook ads using its unique ad reaction filter. Facebook users are more likely to use emoticons when reacting to ads. You can use this information to pick the best ad for your need and provide a great, unique experience for the consumer. This makes your search more targeted and effective.


Advanced Search Bar

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, a social media strategist, an eCommerce store owner, or a drop shipper, each role requires you to oversee different specific metrics when it comes to successful ads. With AdSpy, you can choose from an extensive arsenal of filters, all from basic filters like country, gender, age, the ad created on, category, and more to advanced features like Affiliate offers and more. With this advanced search bar, you can take your advertising game to the next level.


Access Demographic Data

AdSpy Review Demographic Data

One important metric that influences demographics is location. A brand’s performance can vary from place to place, so it’s important to know what works in a particular location and what doesn’t to create successful ads. You can gain a lot of useful insight into how ads do and what is trending in different locations with Adspy’s extensive database that is spread all over the world.


Save Your Searches

AdSpy allows you to pin your searches for future reference. It lets you save time by keeping a record of searches. This is especially useful if you want to track what you have searched. With this, you can also make reference to earlier searches to help you look for something similar. You can say bye to lost data confusion and save tons of time by eliminating double searches.


A Goldmine for Affiliate Marketers

Goldmine for Affiliate Marketers

AdSpy was actually made by affiliates, so it does have features that cater to affiliate marketers specifically. It has unique search filters that help affiliate marketers find exactly what they are looking for.

Providing its users with an advantage over other affiliates, AdSpy has a large database of affiliate offers that allows marketers to find the best ones quickly. It also contains filters that include affiliate IDs, network IDs, and more information that gives affiliate marketers an extra edge over their competitors.


Easily Share Your Account

AdSpy allows you to share your user account with the utmost ease. There are no user restrictions in their plans. This is very useful as it lets you scale your usage without any hassles. This is also something that isn’t offered by many other tools. AdSpy also offers additional views on their ads for a nominal extra price. This means you can top up your plan easily.


Easy User Registrations

AdSpy Coupon User Registrations

Signing up for AdSpy is as easy as ABC! All you need to do is go to the official AdSpy site and create a free account. When you first start out, you get 1000 free credits that can you can use to start looking for ads right away. After you’ve tried the free trial, you may choose to take a premium package.


Explore the Current Market & Find Product Trends & Patterns

The AdSpy tool is extremely useful for analyzing the tastes and preferences of your target customers, who are not just about the latest trends but also those products that are doing well. By using this tool, you get a birds-eye view of what’s happening in your market and hit home runs with new ideas without missing a beat. The AdSpy tool facilitates market trend analysis at a price comparable to many other options.


Discover Unexplored Markets

AdSpy Coupon Technology

Get hold of diamonds in the rough with the help of AdSpy. It lets you find underrated and unknown niches which can help you get a leg up on your competition. You can use AdSpy to find different products and niches which you can then promote and benefit from.


Save Money & Effort with Adspy

Marketers often use A/B testing to launch their campaigns. This is a very time-intensive method that can result in wasted money as well. But with ad spy tools, you get access to the top-ranking ads. You also get to check the insights that are working well in capturing your target audience. You can use them on your ads instead of wasting your funds on test marketing campaigns that might show success with a smaller audience.


Create a Database for Your Favorite Ads

AdSpy lets you save all of your favorite ads so that you can come back to them later. You can create a separate database for ads you find inspiring and come back to this set time and again for your personal reference.

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Filters Offered by AdSpy | AdSpy Reviews

AdSpy’s advanced filters make it easy to find suitable ads for your needs. The great thing about using this feature is that you’re able to search for virtually any ad. Here is a detailed overview of what filters you can use with AdSpy:

The search criterion includes searches by:

  • Ad Text

With its huge ads database, AdSpy gives you instant search results for any type of ad. Searching on the basis of Ad text helps you find ads for a specific keyword. This makes your search very narrow and specific. With just a few clicks, you can get an overview of how many ads are associated with your desired keyword. You then select the right ad and gain inspiration.

This filter shows you specifics such as:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Demographics
  • Download ad button
  • Shares
  • Likes gained over time
  • Extensive landing page details
  • Site Type

This site-type filter will help you find ads that are running on either Facebook or Instagram. Enter your search keyword and click the dropdown next to the site type to use this filter. Choose from different options such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Facebook and Instagram

After selecting the type of website, you can then proceed with your search and will find ads specific to that site in the results.

  • Gender

If you wish to target a specific gender, AdSpy allows you to find ads that are targeted towards a particular gender as well. This helps you laser-focus your search and find what kinds of ads work for each gender.

  • Age

This filter enables you to find ads targeted to different age groups. By clicking the dropdown next to filter, you can redefine the age range for the results. When choosing a value for such an option, AdSpy will display only results based on that number.

  • Daily Likes

This option lets you see ads that have a certain number of likes on a per-day basis. You can fix a range from AdSpy’s dropdown menu and select the range you want to see. This metric is very useful as it shows you how well a specific has grown or scaled up.

  • Total Likes

Just like the filter mentioned above, this filter shows you the number of likes an ad has garnered in its total runtime.

  • Media Type

As we all know, the type of media a certain ad is made in changes the impact of its performance. With the help of this filter, you can search for ads made in a particular media format. Choose from either video, photo, or both.

  • Created Between

To find ads created between a specific date range, you can use the filter. Just select the date range, and voila!

  • Seen Between

With this filtering option, AdSpy helps you to easily find ads that have been seen between a particular date range. It is quite similar to the ‘created between’ filter mentioned above. All you need to do is set the date range you want t see results for, and you will be able to see results in no time.

  • Networks

AdSpy is a helpful tool for affiliate marketers. With one click, you can search your favorite networks and find the best offers to join. They have more than 100 individual networks listed, so you’ll have plenty to choose from! You can choose your network to find the trending ads and offers. You will be able to see which ads are most widely shared across the site. No other spy tool on the market comes with such powerful features catered specifically for affiliates.

  • Affiliate

Adspy lets you find extremely specific affiliate ads. You can find ads by either affiliate ID or even offer ID. All you have to do is click the dropdown and select what you want. Adspy helps you find hundreds of specific ads in a matter of seconds.

  • Advertiser

This feature is a fantastic way to help find the ads that you are searching for. You have to only enter the name of the advertiser, which AdSpy will use to filter out all results that match that criterion so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. This filter also helps you if you are looking for products to market from eCommerce stores like Amazon. To do this, all you have to do is put in the store you want to search from under the advertiser search box.

  • Technologies

With the recently-introduced feature, you can search for ads by technology. The tool provides you with various ways to access ad content created on certain technology. Just choose it from the dropdown, and you will find relevant results.

  • Countries

AdSpy is the perfect tool for finding ads displayed only in certain countries. The tool has a field where you can select from a dropdown menu what countries you want to search for.

  • Language

AdSpy allows you to search ads from different countries, regardless of who your competition is. Now you can compare ads in different languages to find out what your competitors are doing without language being a barrier.

  • CTA Buttons

CTA buttons help you find what decision an ad wants its audience to take. With Adspy, you can find ads by a specific call to action button on Facebook or Instagram ads. You can easily select which kind of call to action you are searching for in Adspy’s dropdown menu.

  • Adspy Sorting Options

You can reset your searches with the click of a button. You can easily start your searches from scratch.

When you have filtered through all the search results, check for patterns among top-performing ads. Look for anything that might be a good fit. If you need to refine your search, use the advanced filter settings to change criteria and find what you are looking for. You also get to know the products that people love and hate!

To make your searches even more streamlined, Adspy lets you sort your searches based on the following metrics:

  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Haha
  • Love
  • Wow
  • Date (descending)
  • Date (ascending)
  • Longest Running
  • Shares

AdSpy Pricing Plans | AdSpy Discount Coupon

AdSpy Pricing

There is only one pricing package, and it costs $149 per month. There are countless features included in the same, and a person can go ahead according to that. Upon Sign-up, you will receive a free trial of credits that you can use for your first month for more savings. But with the use of our exclusive AdSpy coupon, you can save $75 on your purchase.

Customer Support
AdSpy offers reliable customer support services with a minimum of hassle and effort. AdSpy’s customer service is fast. Anything you need from them, they’re only a click away. Reply times are almost immediate, giving you nothing but good feedback and advice to work with.

An individual is going to specifically contact you about your issue and will attend to it with mail or a phone call. Not only do the customer support services help you fix technical glitches and other issues, but they are completely customer-centric.

AdSpy Pros & Cons

Let’s have a closer look at some of AdSpy’s merits and demerits:

  • Packed with amazing and extensive features.
  • Exhaustive filter and sorting options to narrow down your search and save you effort.
  • Easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface.
  • Offers unlimited features at a very affordable price.
  • Fetches results in a matter of seconds.
  • An account can be shared without limitations.
  • Searches can time-out
  • It shows some ads that are spammed on Facebook.

Some AdSpy Alternatives

There are many AdSpy tools in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives to AdSpy:

1.) AdSpy Vs. AdSector

AdSector is a competitor of AdSpy that focuses primarily on in-depth ad analytics. It enables you to track ad campaigns, create or save ad campaigns, and improve your ad campaigns.

There aren’t any major differences between AdSector and AdSpy. New features might be added to the platform with time. However, regardless of whether you opt for the introductory offer price or not, you will always spend more on AdSectors than AdSpy.

2.) AdSpy Vs. Anstrex

Anstrex is a tool that also encompasses the features AdSpy offers. Through this, you will be able to spy on native, push, and e-Commerce ads. It tracks ads from over 64 countries and has an immense database of native ads of over 10 million, and for push ad campaigns, it has over 3million ads in its database.

The main difference between Anstrex is that even though it shows additional types of ads, its database still consists of significantly lesser ads than AdSpy.

3.) AdSpy Vs. Spyfu

AdSpy is an alternative to SpyFu that gives you insights into your competitors’ marketing strategies. It is a great tool for you to improve your performance in an online marketing campaign. SpyFu is used to search for promising keywords to target with search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns.

The main way it differs from AdSpy is that it does not offer exhaustive search filters and doesn’t show many ads when compared to AdSpy.

🌟 Top FAQs on AdSpy

🤔What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is the powerful ads spying tool that offers the most extensive searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads globally. The innovative search filters of AdSpy allow you to discover & analyze winning Facebook and Instagram ads that will best resonate with your potential audience. The proprietary data provides insight into what is working best across all ad platforms.

🚀Can I use AdSpy to discover profitable dropshipping ads?

As we all know, the dropshipping business is mostly depends on Instagram and Facebook ads. One can use AdSpy to find winning ads from WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.

🏅What type of data is offered by AdSpy?

AdSpy is an ad intelligence tool that offers advanced search options as compared to the other ads spy tool, so you can find the data you want. Using AdSpy, you will get data including landing pages, URLs, demographics, affiliate tracking insights, etc. You can also search in a common way like ad text, URLs, and page names.

🔎Can I try AdSpy for free?

Yes, AdSpy provides a free trial of 2000 ads views to its new customers. If you are new to AdSpy, then click here to create a free AdSpy account and enjoy spying on your winning strategies.

💲Is AdSpy worth money?

With AdSpy, you’re guaranteed to find the right advertisements. A simple interface and easy-to-navigate setup of AdSpy allows you to quickly monitor ads in real-time and filter them by their properties. With AdSpy, your business is protected from costly mistakes!

🔥Does AdSpy offer any working coupon codes?

If you want to save money on this amazing ads spy tool, use AdSpy coupon code AFFTWEAKS and get $75 off + free trial.

💥How much discount can I get by using your AdSpy coupon code?

Using our exclusive AdSpy coupon code is very simple and straightforward. By using our 100% active AdSpy discount code AFFTWEAKS, the user will get upto 50% off on the actual pricing.

Conclusion: AdSpy Coupon Codes + AdSpy Free Trial 2022

Yes, AdSpy is great for spying on Facebook and Instagram, with the data being completely accurate and real-time. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of advanced and unique filters that make ad spying a walk in the park.

It helps resolve research problems and saves a lot of time to look for advertising opportunities. It provides accurate, targeted, and real-time data at a very affordable price. Overall, it is a very good tool and a must-have for anyone wanting to create click-worthy and winning ad campaigns!

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